Allowance for a Japanese Offensive Military

2 months ago Harry Beard 0
After their defeat in WWII, Japan consciously decided to shift from a militarized society towards a non-aggressive society. The government installed the Japanese Self-Defense Force, which continues to safeguard Japan today. December 7, 2016 marks the 75th anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. As this date approaches, many question whether Japan should have Read More

Social Security

2 months ago Harry Beard 1
Since the creation of the Social Security system in 1935, benefits have been paid through a succession of changes in the law to benefit certain non-working Americans. The system provides simple monthly income to workers and their families who have reached at least 62 years of age, become disabled, or passed away. The program currently Read More

Free Public College

2 months ago Harry Beard 0
As recently vocalized by Bernie Sanders’s presidential campaign, free public college has never been a radical idea. In 1785, the second U.S. President John Adams had explicitly declared that people should take responsibility to enable the intellectual liberalization of future youths in preservation of their democracy; in Adams’s words, “The whole people must take upon Read More

A Note from our Editor-in-Chief

2 months ago David Brown 0
It’s undeniable. The world has forever changed with the rise of today’s sun. Perhaps the most shocking part of this all was just how wrong we were — just how terribly misguided our predictions were. Even though the Radius tenaciously promotes balance, the disappointment felt by the majority of our staff would be inappropriate to Read More

Accepting Significantly More Syrian Refugees

2 months ago Harry Beard 0
How can we do our moral duty to Syrian refugees while simultaneously protecting American citizens? This question plagues our president, congress, and local officials constantly, and yet so few Americans think about the refugee crisis on a daily basis. We cannot deny that America is a country built on the shoulders of hardworking immigrants and Read More

Recreational Marijuana

3 months ago Harry Beard 1
As California, along with four other states around the country, prepares to vote on a ballot measure that would legalize the recreational use of marijuana, the issue of marijuana legalization has once again been thrust into the national spotlight . A small majority of Americans currently support the legalization of marijuana. Younger generations support marijuana Read More

Guaranteed Annual Income

3 months ago The Claremont Radius 0
While the notion of a Guaranteed Annual Income (GAI) has not entered the national conversation in this bizarre election year, this ambitious policy proposal has lately gained an increasing number of proponents amongst intellectuals of the left and right. Yuval Levin, editor of the conservative policy journal National Affairs, recently called GAI the left’s “most Read More


4 months ago Jack Huang 0
As the race between Sanders and Clinton began to heat up in the 2016 Democratic nominee race, the party’s superdelegates was a highly contested issue. In the DNC, superdelegates include party officials and elected Democrats, totaling nearly 15% of all delegates . These delegates have the ability to vote for any nominee and are not Read More

Donald Trump

10 months ago The Claremont Radius 1
No single event or figure has been as disruptive in the 2016 presidential election as the brash real estate mogul and former reality TV star Donald J. Trump. He has occupied the top of national polling and news headlines since shortly after announcing his bid for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, and has earned labels Read More

John Kasich

10 months ago The Claremont Radius 0
Ohio governor and former congressman John Kasich has not led national polls or won any state primary or caucus other than his own constituency, but he has nonetheless been a notable factor in the race for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination. Often considered the last moderate Republican candidate left in the race, Kasich’s optimistic and Read More