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Staff Bios


  Aaryman Sheoran Aaryaman Sheoran is a dual major in Economics & History with a sequence in Data Science and a fascination for developmental economics and international relations. He works with Prof. Aseema Sinha on researching the effect of the Indian diaspora on the change in Indo-US relations over the 20th century. While not working, Aaryaman loves watching soccer, playing ping pong, and watching British comedy shows.


Executive Officer


Aden Siebel is a Pomona computer science and politics major from Berkeley, California. He also works as Webmaster for the CJLPP, is the co-president of the 5C Roleplaying Game Assocation, and works as a TA for the Pomona CS department. In his spare time he can be found playing tennis, reading science fiction novels, or playing classical guitar.


Co-Managing Editor


Simon Gilbert is an intended History and Philosophy, Politics, and Economics major at Claremont McKenna College. When he’s not covering the news or hatching a maniacal conservative plot, Simon plays on the Claremont Braineaters ultimate frisbee team and is a leader for Outdoor Initiative. Simon is also egregiously addicted to board games and will challenge anyone to a game of Banangrams on the spot.


Co-Managing Editor


James Dail is an economics major and a math minor. In addition to writing for the Claremont Radius, James is a writer for the Claremont Journal of Law and Public Policy and a fellow at the Roosevelt Institute. When he has some down time, you can find him on his bed watching stand-up comedy while eating chicken tenders from the Hub.


Marketing Chair

Jenifer Hanki is an Economics & Art major interested in entrepreneurship and international relations. Jenifer is member of the Model United Nations team, photographer and layout designer of yearbook committee, player for the 5C Women’s Rugby team, and member of Art Council. In high school, Jenifer served as the Model United Nations Senior Staff and Coach and was nominated for the high school Writing Composition Award. In her spare time, Jenifer loves to dance, draw, and make things with her hands.

Editor At Large


Andrew Kim is a economics and computer science major. Formerly part of twelve orchestras, he is an avid double bassist, a mediocre pianist, a terrible guitarist, and an even worse singer, who is constantly looking for other musicians to jam with. After multitasking two internships in the Silicon Valley and simultaneously participating in 5 road trips, he is currently looking forward to eating and hibernating.


Media Manager

John Church is a Junior at Claremont McKenna College. He is currently pursuing a dual degree in Philosophy and Computer Science. In addition to being a graphic designer at the Claremont Radius, John is on the CMC Model United Nations team and a manager at the Roberts Environmental Center. John's perfect weekend day off would include hiking, ultimate frisbee, cooking and looking at stars.



Staff Writers


Samuel Vilenski is a Philosophy and Economics dual major at Claremont McKenna College. In addition to being a writer for the Radius, he is a member of the CMC Mock Trial Team. In high school he developed a strong interest for Computer Science and is currently working on strengthening those skills. In his spare time, Samuel enjoys drinking coffee, going to the beach, reading, and watching movies.



Gabriella Del Greco is a undecided major frantically trying to figure out what she wants to do with her life. She's currently a member of the Scripps Advocates, a contributing staff member of the Scripps Yearbook, and a mentor at Pomona's Weekly Writing Workshop. When not in class, you can find her hoarding copious amounts of fruit from the dining hall and strolling across the 5cs at a leisurely pace.



Hava Parker is a (potential!) computer science and mathematical/computational biology double major, though if she weren't concerned with the job market, she would likely be studying art history instead. She is a current member of the Women's Blue & White, a 5C acapella group, and can often be found scream-singing on her dorm room floor, watching Vine compilations, or eating ungodly amounts of Korean barbecue.


Kai O'Neill will most likely major in government. He's on CMC's Mock Trial team, and is passionate about history, politics, and international relations. Loving travel, Kai's been to over sixty countries across six continents. 





Julian Thesseling is a government-history dual major with an interest in how the private and public sectors intersect. Besides writing and operating social media for the Radius, he works for ASCMC and the Athenaeum. Now that he's finished his Korean GE requirement, he has time to write for the Radius.



Max Fisher is a government and economics dual major. He is an admissions associate and is involved with several jobs on campus, including working at the Hub. After a summer busy with traveling across the country, Max is excited to be back on campus and to hone in on his interests, ranging from economic trends through government issues to marine biology. When he is not working, Max is usually outdoors, whether that entails surfing, skiing or lounging at the beach, and he is interested in becoming a chess master by the end of college.



Naomi Tilles is an intended International Relations major at Pomona College. Having grown up in the US and Ireland, she is especially interested in the politics of the European Union. She is on the debate team, is the treasurer of Claremont Hillel, and bakes for Claremont Challah. In her free time, Naomi can be found drinking coffee and reading the New York Times or listening to this year's Eurovision songs.



Maya Shah is a Film Literature major. She is currently an entertainment writer for Affinity Magazine and author of the Demon's Angel. After spending her first semester in Montreal, Maya decided to come to the much warmer CMC. When she's not studying, you can find her binge-watching Netflix or running at the gym.



Rowan McGarry-Williams is a Politics/History dual major interested in urban policy, education, and American history. He also writes for the Claremont Journal of Law and Public Policy and works with Claremont students at the local Friends Meeting.

Matthew Hines is a sophomore at Claremont McKenna, majoring in the 3-2 Economics-Engineering program, with plans to continue at Harvey Mudd.  He is involved with math research at Claremont McKenna, is a co-president for the Claremont McKenna theater group Under the Lights, and works as a TA for macroeconomics.  He is very passionate about the intersection of business and technology, loves to read books or listen to podcasts, and is looking forward to exploring the machine shop at Harvey Mudd for engineering projects this year.



William Gu is a senior at Pomona College, interested in economics and psychology. When he is not studying, he enjoys waking up at odd hours to catch soccer or rugby games taking place in faraway time zones. William is also the publisher for the Claremont Independent.