Executive Board

David Brown


Harrison Beard


Warren Chen

Executive Officer

Aaryaman Sheoran

Managing Editor

Senior Section Editors

Ross Reggio

Senior Politics Editor

Lan Phan

Senior Economics Editor

Bruno Youn

Senior Philosophy Editor

Melia Wong

Senior International Relations Editor

Staff Bios




David Brown is a behavioral neuroscience & economics major. He's been on the debate and slam poetry team at the Claremont Colleges and is currently a member of Pomona ventures. Excited to be back on campus after a semester in Silicon Valley and a summer in South Africa, when he's not working, you can find David playing ping-pong or Pokémon .


Executive Officer


Warren Chen is an Economics & Engineering major with a particular interest in tech startups. In addition to serving as executive officer of Claremont Radius, he is a writer for both the Claremont Independent and the Golden Antlers. Throughout high school, Warren gained experience advertising and marketing for local charities. In his downtime he enjoys dancing, riding horses, and playing the recorder.


Managing editor



Aaryaman Sheoran is a dual major in Economics & History with a sequence in Data Science with a fascination for developmental economics and international relations. He works with Prof. Aseema Sinha on researching the effect of the Indian diaspora on the change in Indo-US relations over the 20th century. While not working, Aaryaman loves watching soccer, playing ping pong, and watching British comedy shows.


Senior Writer



Sam Fraser is an International Relations major with an interest in politics and global issues. In addition to the Claremont Radius, Sam is a staff writer for The Golden Antlers. In high school, Sam served as an opinion columnist and Managing Editor of his school’s nationally-awarded student newspaper. On weekends, Sam enjoys hiking, mountain biking, and exploring the beaches of Southern California.


Senior Editors


Lan Phan is an Economics & Engineering (Applied Mathematics) junior. She is a BA Robert Day Scholar who is passionate about finance, community, and entrepreneurship. Outside of her duties as an Advocate and the Vice President of Administration at College Programming Board (CPB), Lan works at Claremont Women in Business as the Technical Division Supervisor and run its its technical workshops, Innovations startup development program, and Claremont Apparel business venture. Lan's favorite pastimes are investing, music composition, and finding new yummy foods to try out!




Ross Reggio is a government student interested in environmental law and policy. He works as the president of the Ocean Preservation and Appreciation Club and has served on CMC's academic integrity PSR committee. Excited to be another year closer to law school and sweet, sweet, gainful employment, Ross can be found putting messages in bottles and making outrageous puns. And dad jokes...he really likes those.





Bruno Youn is a PPE (Philosophy, Politics, Economics) major with a soft spot for all things Latin America; he spent a summer in Costa Rica and a semester in Argentina. He is an education policy researcher at the Rose Institute and a consultant for SOURCE Nonprofit Consulting. In his precious picoseconds outside of work, he is a frequent Athenaeum goer, an occasional baseball statistician, and a sporadic Portuguese learner.





Melia Wong is a Government major with a passion for constitutional law and the 2016 presidential candidates. She is a proponent of saying what you mean eloquently. When words fail her in the moment, you can be sure she'll write about it later. You may find her working at the Ath, practicing piano, and reading the New York Times with a cup of Earl Grey. She enjoys swimming and writing old-fashioned letters.


Public Relations Chair



Max Sickinger is a potential Math-Econ double major. At CMC, he is an Associate Consultant for SOURCE and plays Rugby. In high school, Max competed on and eventually coached the  Constitution Team for his high school. In his free time, Max loves to snowboard, sit in the sun, and ride his bike.


Marketing Chair


Jenifer Hanki is an Economics & Art major interested in entrepreneurship and international relations. Jenifer is member of the Model United Nations team, photographer and layout designer of yearbook committee, player for the 5C Women’s Rugby team, and member of Art Council. In high school, Jenifer served as the Model United Nations Senior Staff and Coach and was nominated for the high school Writing Composition Award. In her spare time, Jenifer loves to dance, draw, and make things with her hands.


Project Manager



Spencer Lang is an International Relations Major at Claremont McKenna College. He's been involved in mostly state government and is a current fellow at the Roosevelt Institute at the Claremont Colleges. He's excited to start his college career at Claremont McKenna. In his free time, he enjoys playing guitar, traveling, and watching basketball.


Product Manager



Amanda Huang is a economics and computer science major. Having lived in both California and Taiwan, over the years, Amanda has developed an interest in the disparities of global health care. Amanda is a economics/computer science major and her career objective is to become a social entrepreneur dedicated to improving health care policies worldwide.






Hazal Su Dinç is a Neuroscience & Computer Science double major with Economics concentration interested in artificial intelligence. On campus, Hazal plays the piano and is a member of the Ballet Club. In high school, she was a member of the MUN Club and the captain of the swimming team. In her spare time, Hazal is either drinking coffee, watching Hitchcock movies, or taking Buzzfeed quizzes.





Evelyn Chen is a Mathematics & Economics dual major at CMC.


Content Writers



James Dail is an economics major and a math minor. In addition to writing for the Claremont Radius, James is a writer for the Claremont Journal of Law and Public Policy and a fellow at the Roosevelt Institute. When he has some down time, you can find him on his bed watching stand-up comedy while eating chicken tenders from the Hub.





Alanna DeMuro is a Government & Computer Science major interested in security intelligence, defense, and a new Republican platform. On campus, Alanna is an Events Coordinator for ASCMC, in the 5C Republican Club, and an LTA. In Alanna’s spare time, you can find her drinking La Croix at Pitzer Pool, blasting country music in North Quad, or wandering around Baldy.




Tobin Hansen is an Economics and Government major from the Seattle area. Outside of writing for the Radius, he enjoys playing tennis and participating in the CMC Model UN team. Tobin spent last summer in Washington D.C. interning for the House of Representatives, and hopes to return to D.C. to continue learning about public policy, economics, and foreign affairs.





Zubin Jotwani is an Economics & Government major with an interest in politics and world affairs. In high school, he participated in and led his school’s Model United Nations program. When not working, Zubin enjoys reading The Economist, watching period dramas, and scrutinizing Chelsea’s most recent performances.





Jessica Kim is a Neuroscience major.  She is also a staff writer for the CMC Forum, ASCMC Senator on the Campus Improvement Committee, and Secretary of IDEA club. In high school, Jessica was a member of the International Public Debate Program and founded her school's debate team.  She was Vice President of her Youth and Government delegation which helped develop her interest in politics. When not working, Jessica can be found sleeping, singing, or taking walks.




Nick Sage is a Government & History major with a passion for public affairs and policy. Nick is also a research assistant at the Rose Institute of State and Local Government where he participates in research projects related to California politics. Recently, he worked as a curator for a small Seattle startup called ActiveGiver writing blog posts and website blurbs on a variety of political issues in the United States. When he has down time he enjoys writing Downton Abbey fan fiction, which has been described as "the greatest and most important writing of our time" -anonymous. He also maintains a plethora of Joe Biden memorabilia, of which he is an avid collector.




Seth Taylor-Brill is an economics and philosophy major, interested in the intersection of government and economics. He is a policy leader at the Roosevelt Institute's CMC chapter. He is excited to be back to school after spending the summer in Korea as a part of the CMC Yonsei Program. When he's not working, you can find Seth playing pool in Stark or eating mochi at the hub.





Alec Sweet is a PPE major from Pomona. He is a member of the Pomona-Pitzer football team and also writes for the Claremont Independent. Passionate about politics, he is not afraid to engage in conversations with those who hold opposing opinions. In his free time you can catch him playing video games and hanging with friends.





John Church is a freshman at Claremont McKenna College. He is interested in pursuing an international relations degree with an undecided science as a dual. In addition to being a staff writer at Claremont Radius, John is on the CMC Model United Nations team and the CMS Track team. John's perfect weekend day off would include hiking, ultimate frisbee, cooking and looking at stars.





Samuel Vilenski is a Philosophy and Economics dual major at Claremont McKenna College. In addition to being a writer for the Radius, he is a member of the CMC Mock Trial Team. In high school he developed a strong interest for Computer Science and is currently working on strengthening those skills. In his spare time, Samuel enjoys drinking coffee, going to the beach, reading, and watching movies.





William Gu is a sophomore at Pomona College, interested in economics and psychology. When he is not studying, he enjoys waking up at odd hours to catch soccer or rugby games taking place in faraway time zones. William is also the publisher for the Claremont Independent.





Katy Swiere is a first-year at Pomona College with an intended major of Public Policy Analysis and a concentration in Environmental Analysis. She is involved with many environmental initiatives in Southern California, such as volunteering for Citizen's Climate Lobby and interning for the non-profit Kiss the Ground. She hopes to work in international environmental policy after graduation, analyzing the ways in which politics and environmentalism both combine and clash. Outside of work, Katy can usually be found reading, running, or enjoying nature.





Erin Burke is a Physics and Government dual major with an interest in politics and environmental issues. She is working as an analyst for the Natural Sciences team at the Roberts Environmental Center and as the Social Media Team Leader for Action Map. In high school, Erin ran track and cross country and was involved in her school's Science Olympiad team. In her free time, she enjoys hiking and going to the beach.




Andrew Kim is a economics and computer science major. Formerly part of twelve orchestras, he is an avid double bassist, a mediocre pianist, a terrible guitarist, and an even worse singer, who is constantly looking for other musicians to jam with. After multitasking two internships in the Silicon Valley and simultaneously participating in 5 road trips, he is currently looking forward to eating and hibernating.





Harrison Sattley is a junior at Claremont McKenna majoring in Economics. In addition to being an Editor for the Radius, Harrison is the Economics Portfolio Lead for the 5C Roosevelt Institute, a Computer Science Tutor at Harvey Mudd, and a Research Analyst at the Lowe Institute of Political Economy. When he is not working, you can find Harrison watching Formula One Racing or getting Asian food off-campus.






Alicia Tsai is a Psychology major with a dual in Biology. Alicia is the College Programming board photographer, runs the CMC admission and Athenaeum social media accounts, and is a member of the 5C women's rugby team. She has been running a self-started photography business since high school and has taken numerous headshots, event photos, and group shots. She loves to ball out on the courts and is a die hard Lakers and Dodgers fan.