A Note from our Editor-in-Chief

It’s undeniable. The world has forever changed with the rise of today’s sun. Perhaps the most shocking part of this all was just how wrong we were — just how terribly misguided our predictions were. Even though the Radius tenaciously promotes balance, the disappointment felt by the majority of our staff would be inappropriate to hide.

I do not know at what time or electoral count the sheer shock turned to denial. Nonetheless, it’s clear that some form of grief has set in for me and many others. Perhaps the most jarring part of this all was the velocity at which the liberal bubble of the Claremont Colleges popped. Quite frankly, many of us know very few Trump supporters within our surroundings. And we see now, we are living in a Southern Californian liberal arts political mirage. Our surroundings here in Claremont are far from normal. And perhaps, if we had more gumption, curiosity, and the integrity to our ideals we would have searched beyond campus, and we would have known how removed we’ve become from our country.

So how do we move forward as a nation with growing party unity scores and less national unity? How do we transition from Harvard Law and federal assistance to Wharton and individualism? We begin doing what we should have done all along. We must listen, learn, discuss, and act accordingly. Discourse and active listening are the only tools we have capable of soothing our nation. This election, for better or worse, is a shining example of how democracy and media falter when we fail to listen to our fellow Americans. The fact of the matter is that one in two Americans are not vile, racist, misogynistic, or naive people. The other half are not race-baiting, regressive, socialists. We are Americans through and through, looking after ourselves, our families, communities, and our great nation.

Eight years ago, we watched with hope as a first-term senator who managed to excite a new and disenfranchised voter base said he would enact change. And yesterday we experienced a similar feat.

Last night we witnessed the result of our polarization. The fact that a silent majority elected our president tells us that we are silencing political diversity, freedom of expression, and further forcing people to stay within their own echo chambers. Democracy fails when discussion ceases.

Claremont Radius returns to its mission with more passion than ever. We strive to be your one-stop-shop for compelling, informative, and balanced political writing. We hope to help each and every reader gaze across the alley. We hope to decrease the unnecessary polarization this country faces in whatever way we can. And if our work and our words can bring even one person to understand the other side of the aisle we will have done our job. Even when it hurts — especially when it does — we have a duty to listen.


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