We’re excited to welcome you to the Claremont Radius! In this brand-new student publication, we’ll share and unpack political ideals at every angle. We are your one-stop-shop for reliable, compelling, multifaceted, and argumentative political writing. The CR is a student-founded, student-run, and student-intended publication that aims to spark political discourse across campus by providing students of all political backgrounds the tools they need for effective debate and discussion on the big issues affecting our society today. In this publication, we introduce the style of two or more  writers who argue in favor and against each political issue; this format not only informs readers of statistics and hard facts but also how these facts are harnessed by supporters of either side. This way, readers can learn how to dispel such facts to support their own arguments and political endeavors. Through reading CR, we hope to provide a unique source of entertainment and education and allow readers to cultivate their own beliefs.


Due to the nature of our publication, our writers have to be able to write for and against any political topic; because of this, please note that the views expressed in these articles are not necessarily representative of our writers’ viewpoints. We believe that even if, as a politically diverse group, we disagree with a particular stance, our disagreement does not rob the opposition of their legitimacy. If a large amount of Americans believe in something we do not, there must be a logical base, and we aim to present that to you in a way that will do justice to the people whose beliefs differ from our own.


The CR as a whole is not only a strong proponent of free speech but a fierce advocate for the power of discourse. Through discussing what makes us uncomfortable, we all grow: we learn by listening and by being listened to. We hope that we can be more than just an educational source to you; instead, we hope to become a springboard from which you can dive into tough political conversations. The world we live in today tries to convince people to divide themselves by what they do or do not believe. At the Claremont Radius, we will show that not only do you not have to settle for that ideal, but that the true divide is between people who strive to understand all perspectives and people who care for only their own.

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We are always looking to grow and improve our content, and interested students should feel free to contact us at any time.

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